GIS and Field Mapping Services

GIS Mapping & Modeling:
Geographic Information Systems Development
GIS Data Processing
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
Digital Elevation Model Development
Dense Surface Modeling (DSM)
3D Surface Modeling with Texture Mapping and Physical Based Rendering
3D Subsurface Modeling & Interactive Cross-section Development

Online GIS & Web Mapping:
GIS Data and Map Server Hosting
Interactive Map Deveolopment and Hosting
GIS Data Servers - Geoserver, Microsoft SQL and PostGIS Spatial Data Servers
Map Interface Programming - HTML, OpenLayers, Javascript, SQL, DOJO, Visual Basic
Data Formats - Shapefile, GeoJason, XML, KML, GML, SVG, WKT
Map Tile Generation & Hosting including large area image mosaics, GeoWebCache Tile Server
Web Feature Service - Editable Vector Access to Microsoft SQL Sever or PostGIS Server
3D Display Development & Hosting
Web Map Technology Combinations:
  - OpenLayers / Geoserver / GeoWebCache / GML / GeoJason
  - Microsoft SQL Server / Visual Basic / DOJO / SVG
  - Javascript / SVG / XML
  - Google Earth / KMZ

Surveying & Aerial Photography Services:
Precision Surveying & GPS Field Mapping
Drone aerial photography
Air Photo Rectification & Mosaicing
Close Range Photogrammetry / Orthophoto Development
Digital Panorama Photography
Hydrographic Surveying

Drone Photography Equipment:
Quad-Copter (DMG 560 custom built) 560 mm diameter, 160 mm height, 1.3 kg, FAA Registered, Serial No. 2015201  Registration Certificate
Canon Powershot S110 Camera
Canon EOS M Camera

Field Mapping Equipment:
Topcon Odyssey-E (RTK-GPS) and Accessories
Sokkai SET 5 30R3 Reflectorless Total Station and Accessories
Pathfinder Pro XR Sub-meter Differential GPS (DGPS)
Odom Hydrotrac Echo Sounder (Hydrographic Surveying)

Contact Mark Phillips at 417-866-6400 for more information.